How Our Team Can Help You Finance Your New Honda

At Riverside Honda in Marquette, we want buying a new or used Honda sedan or SUV to be a fun and exciting time. That is why we strive to make every part of it as stress-free as possible, including figuring out the financing. From giving you straightforward options to helping you stick to your budget, we are here to help.

Step One: Lease or Loan?

Before anything else, ask yourself if you are more comfortable with taking out a loan or going with a lease for your new or used Honda. Like any choice in life, either option comes with advantages. Loans are for people who want to build equity in their vehicle and eventually own it. This gives you a bit more freedom, allowing for vehicle customization and for you to put as many miles on your new Honda as you want around Marquette, MI.

Leasing is appropriate for those who like having a new car every few years. The payments are typically lower, and you often have to put less down. When you stick with leasing, you are always driving a new or nearly new vehicle. As a result, you typically have very low maintenance and repair costs.

Step Two: Apply for Credit

Knowing what you can afford is also crucial when picking out your next vehicle. That is why our team makes it possible to apply for credit online. This way, you can feel more prepared and in control when you come to make your purchase. It will also be one less thing to deal with when you visit us here in Marquette, MI.

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We are here to help you bring home your new Honda in any way we can. If you any questions about financing or any of our other services, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We will be happy to talk with you.